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New Videography Services for Small Businesses in the Banner Elk, Bonne, North Carolina areas.

New Videography Services for Small Businesses

Banner Elk small businesses have a new option for maximizing their website and social media content.

High Country Digital Marketing, the Elk Park-based branch of Deckard & Company, now offers videography, video editing and video compilation services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations in the western North Carolina region.

Video is an essential marketing tool these days. But many small business brands, especially local, independent companies in Blue Ridge mountain towns like Boone and Blowing Rock, struggle to find affordable, professional videographers who can offer the personalized service they need.

Deckard & Company has been offering some bespoke video services to clients, on request, for years. Now we’ve decided to add video to our major menu of professional digital marketing services.

What can online videos do for small businesses

What can online videos do for small businesses?

Videos get people’s attention. Combining movement, voices and music, they’re eye-catching and ear-catching.

Videos also offer small businesses a chance to show what they do best—which is providing a human personality that your clients and customers can connect with.

Videos allow your audience to form an immediate personal connection with your brand.

How do professional small business videos get made?

When you contract Deckard & Company for your video marketing, you have options.

  1. If you already have videos, photos, and or graphics, we can edit these images together and add voiceover and/or music for a full production.
  2. If you don’t have any digital materials, we can help you create them! Our professional videography involves meeting in person with you to film what you need and want to be filmed. We’ll then take those fresh materials and create your digital marketing video from scratch.
What kinds of online video marketing options does High Country offer

What kinds of online video marketing options does High Country offer?

High Country Digital Marketing now provides videography (filming), editing, assembly and implementation of professional videos into your digital marketing and online presence. These videos can contain all kinds of content and be presented in a variety of styles.

Here are some of the many video options for small businesses in and around Elk Park, North Carolina:

  • “About” and “get to know us” videos of small business owners and/or their staff
  • Video tours of your facilities
  • Behind-the-scenes videos of you and your employees hard at work
  • Product profiles
  • Customer testimonials
  • Video blogs that can build an ongoing audience


These videos can then be used on your company’s website, social media accounts, youtube channel, and anywhere else that can get your brand attention.

And of course, when you’re already contracted with High Country for all your digital marketing needs, we’ll make sure these videos are formatted and posted properly in all of these places.

Why do we now offer video services to our North Carolina clients?

Here’s the thing: When I utilize digital marketing content and materials for your company’s online presence, I want those materials to look great.

Video is such a great tool for my small business clients. But I was tired of getting sub-par videos that weren’t doing justice to how incredible my clients are.

On top of that, I hated hearing about how much my clients had paid for these videos.

So in the end, I know what kinds of videos will work for your digital marketing needs. And when you hire us, you won’t have to worry about coordinating between various agencies or presenting marketing materials that don’t quite line up.

We’re here to make sure you look and sound great.

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