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North Carolina Social Media Management and Digital Marketing

North Carolina Social Media Management and Digital Marketing

Over more than 20 years in digital marketing, I’ve gotten used to change. I personally love it. I’m a gadget guy, so every new gadget and software catches my attention like a magpie to a candy wrapper.

Social media has been one of the biggest front-facing changes in the online marketing industry. It went from what seemed like a frivolous online time-waster to one of the most significant aspects of your digital marketing toolkit. That is, if you harness it correctly.

Dismiss social media at your brand’s peril. It has the potential to connect your company directly to your most important audience: existing clients and prospective customers. And that connection is invaluable because it’s easy, informal, relaxed and personal—exactly the kind of customer service that sets small businesses apart, right?

But without professional social media management for small businesses, these ubiquitous interactive platforms remain a colossal time waster—and a wasted opportunity to boot.

Now that Deckard & Company has expanded our boutique marketing services into the Boone-Banner Elk North Carolina region, it’s time to ask yourself: Does your High Country small business need expert social media management?

What is Social Media for Small Business?

First off, let’s distinguish professional social media accounts from the questionable memes, malware links and photo dumps your aunt and uncle post on Facebook.

A professional business page maintains the voice of your business. It’s succinct, thoughtful, and professionally planned. A business social media page can be casual, friendly and fun—but it is always, always, always representing your business.

Think of it like Don Draper, dressed up in a nice suit, talking up your services and charming everyone it encounters—whether in the office or at happy hour. Social media gives you the ability to showcase a little mini marketing presentation online, at any hour of the day.

Part of our job as digital marketing managers is to help you establish the professional voice that best suits your company, your industry, and your brand.

The Tangible Benefits of Facebook and Instagram Business Pages

The Pew Research Center spells it out in facts and figures. More than 75% of American adults use social media, with Facebook and Instagram remaining the most popular of the traditional text- and graphic-based platforms. Well more than half of those users are on those sites on a daily basis.

While social media does allow for super-efficient paid targeted advertising, simply creating a free account and page for your business allows you to establish an online presence that can be a part of people’s daily lives.

You can present general business and industry information alongside news and company updates. You can educate your followers about the intricacies of your work, and you can wish everyone a happy weekend.

And they will see your brand and read about your business as they sip their coffee or check their phone on their lunch breaks and in line at the grocery store.

When people get to know your company and its voice in this casual but seemingly intimate way, they will trust you. And they will turn to you when they need your services.

It’s also good to remember that social media platforms show up on search engines, too. So when people, especially in this High Country area, are searching for your company’s services in the Carolina Blue Ridge region, your professional Instagram or Facebook page might be what pulls them in and introduces them to you.

Why You Need Professional Social Media Management

The short answer is: Your social media accounts need regular posts that look professional. If you’re good at your job, then your social media should project that quality and professionalism.

So, on the one hand, social media is “easy.” A business account on most platforms is free to create and post. The tone is often conversational rather than formal. Theoretically, you can chuck something up in 10 seconds without much thought at all (as, seemingly, your aunt and uncle do all the time).

But the truth of the matter is, when it comes to social media for businesses, the process requires a professional approach and a deft touch—and a lot of time. And it takes even more time if you’re new to it.

Moreover, social media has to happen all the time. You have to post regularly to bring any value to it whatsoever. One really great post will be relevant for a week if you’re lucky. You need quality and quantity both. Understandably, when you already have a business to run, social media accounts can be really hard to keep up with.

And when someone sees your business’s social media page, or just a post that pops up in their feed, will they understand what’s written? Will they think the graphic looks professional?

Will they see a post from today, or will they see a post from 2017? Will they wonder if the information is up to date, or if you’re even still open?

Fortunately, Deckard & Company utilizes dedicated social media content creators who devote their time to perfecting your business’s posts. We know your company, we know the North Carolina’s High Country area, and we know social media.

We’re here to make you look good.

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