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North Carolina WordPress Design and Development

North Carolina WordPress Design and Development

With Deckard & Company’s recent expansion into the western North Carolina region, we’re getting the word out about all the facets of our operation. And one of the cornerstones of Deckard & Company websites is WordPress design and development.

Our High Country WordPress services offer the best balance between boutique creative freedom and large-scale support, safety and trendsetting. That means WordPress lets me do my design thing—and meet your business’s specific needs—while staying on top of the latest technological updates. And WordPress is so ubiquitous that its infrastructure won’t break down every time someone introduces a new gadget or browser.

WordPress Websites Allow Unique Design Details

One of my biggest pet peeves is overreliance on templates. So much of the web design industry has always been reliant on plugging a million different website ideas into the same five templates. Everything looks the same! You can do anything you want on the internet, so why would you make it boring and repetitive??

I mean, I get it. If you’re not a website professional, templates allow you to throw something online in a pinch. Online presence is important, so you make do with what you’ve got.

But please please please do not pay some make-believe fly-by-night “designer” to use a website template. You’re throwing away your well-earned money on a “product” a middle schooler could do in an afternoon.

In a way, the Boone, North Carolina region is still a frontier town. Some people come up to the Blue Ridge Mountains with great ideas, and some people are just coming to take advantage of the area’s popularity. They’re grifters.

Now that I’ve put all these years in as a web designer, I want to be able to employ creative, nuanced details that make my clients’ small business sites stand out. It’s what I’ve been doing in Florida for more than 20 years, and it’s what I’m doing with digital marketing in Boone and Banner Elk now, too. WordPress lets me do High Country web design the right way—not the template way.

WordPress Supports Unique Website Designs with Solid Infrastructure

The other half of the creativity of web design is the nuts-and-bolts backend stuff. This aspect of the digital world isn’t flashy, but without it, we wouldn’t have an internet.

What happens with a lot of web development platforms is that they pop into the great wide internet with a limited set of capabilities, and that’s what they work with. They might let you try out new tricks, but the second there’s a gust of wind—a slightly different widget or plugin, a new browser, a new smartphone on the market—those websites just break.

What makes WordPress so great is that it’s been a part of the internet for so long, it’s become one with the whole online environment. It can actually influence the tides. WordPress doesn’t hang its hat on any one kind of website or singular design aspect. It offers up an almost infinite set of online capabilities, and they’re all well established—and well tended to—that we don’t have to fear a change in the wind.

Some of the many web design capabilities and website solutions that WordPress specializes in include

  • Photo galleries
  • Online retail and e-commerce (safe and secure website shopping carts)
  • Business databases, catalogues, and directories (Chamber of Commerce, networking and civic associations)
  • Real estate portfolios
  • E-learning and online coursework modules
  • Social platforms and collaborative experiences


WordPress accounts for well over one-third of websites currently in existence. People design tech, in part, with WordPress websites in mind. They don’t want to risk a gadget or interface that won’t work with 40% of the world’s websites.

Whether you’re a well-established North Carolinian business owner or a newcomer looking to get your digital presence created in this beautiful Appalachian area, Deckard & Company is here to listen, collaborate, and build and manage the online presence you’re dreaming of.

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Brian Deckard

Well, I am an internet marketer, which includes website design & development, graphic designer, SEO strategist, social media marketer, and so much more!

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