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NC Mountain Region Social Media, Never Outsourced

That’s right, we don’t just design websites for North Carolina small businesses. We also offer social media management for the Mountain Region and beyond.

Digital marketing these days can’t just be one thing or another. That’s why High Country Digital Marketing (the western NC home of Florida’s Deckard & Company) offers a full suite of online marketing services that covers website design, hosting and maintenance as well as social media content and social media management that’s always created fresh for your business and never outsourced.

Here’s how we compare to other Appalachian-area small-business social media agencies—and why you should choose our boutique marketing approach above those folks who outsource their work.

Does a Small Business Really Need Social Media

Why Does My Small Business Need a Social Media Account?

Simply put, small businesses need social media accounts to better attract and communicate with their customers and potential customers. Just about everyone uses social media every single day. So a small business social media account let’s people get to know your business and see what you’re up to, even if they haven’t specially gone looking for you.

To be effective, your account needs to have fresh content on a regular basis. Otherwise, people will visit your account page and only see old posts. Then they’ll think you’re not paying attention—or worse still, that your business is no longer around.

Of course, creating social media content can be time-consuming.

What is Social Media Management and Content Creation for Small Businesses?

When you hire a digital marketing company like ours to do social media management, we create the content for you and post it to your company’s social media accounts.

This means that we write the posts, add hashtags, and also create the accompanying graphic.

Social media management means we keep track of how your accounts, and your individual posts, are performing. We can use a number of metrics to determine what’s working and what isn’t for your individual business.

What Does Social Media Content Creation Entail?

Copy for social media posts contains a few sentences to get across a simple message—whether you’re telling people about your business or just wishing everyone a happy weekend.

Social media hashtags are short phrases that act as links (#thisisahashtag). Hashtags will make sure your post shows up for anyone who is looking for that particular topic.

Social media graphics are usually a combination of photography, artwork and graphic design, with some simple text overlaid.

How does Deckard & Company a High Country Digital Marketing Agency Manage Social Clients

Social Media Content Creation vs. Content Outsourcing

When you hire a company to do work for you, you usually expect the people you talk to to be the ones doing the work, right?

Unfortunately a lot of digital marketing companies these days are outsourcing the work they pretend they’re doing themselves. In social media terms, outsourcing means that they’re getting premade content from a big pool of old graphics and posts. Or they might just be asking someone somewhere else to send them the content for your company.

In either case, outsourcing means you have no idea where the content came from, who created it, or where else it’s been used.

High Country Digital Marketing Never Outsources

With us, you get freshly made social media content every time. Because we talk to every client one-on-one and then do the work ourselves, we’re able to serve the Mountain Region with original, personalized, boutique digital marketing services—including our social media content.

  • We write every single social media post fresh from scratch. (FYI we also write every single blog and every bit of website copy from scratch, too. No copy/paste or AI here.)
  • We figure out which social media hashtags will best apply to each topic, and to your business.
  • And we create graphics just for you, and just for your posts.


Simple as that.

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